Parish Council




Heraldry ordination of arms and flag
Published in Diário da Republica, III Série de 19/06/1996

Coat of arms – Silver Shield, seeded heraldic sources of blue and silver, brocante, a cross of the Ordem de Santiago, red; gold wavwlowland , profiled green. Silver mural crown of four towers. White listel with the legend in black in capital letters: “VILA NOVA DE MILFONTES”.


Flag – blue and white quartered.



Seal – in the times of the law, with the caption: “Milfontes  Parish Council – Odmira.”

Opinion issued by the Comissão de Heráldica da Associação dos Arqueólogos Portugueses, under Lei No. 53/91 of 7 August.




Vila Nova de Milfontes is one of the most sought holiday destinations in the area. The beaches are its main point of tourist attraction, to join, increasingly, the clear waters of the River Mira, that here opens into a magnificent estuary. Founded in 1486 by D. João II, trough the economic and defensive convenience of exist on the river mouth, Vila Nova de Milfontes benefited by half of the twentieth century of strategic importance and function as harborage. From the 70s, it started a new cycle in its history. The excellent natural conditions in the region have motivated the intense tourism demand and an unusual growth of the village. Its houses, white and blue, extends to the river Mira, whose immense estuary is a remarkable and balanced ecosystem. Along the river, the little fishing port retains the traditional Milfontes activity. From here you can cross by boat to the other side or navigate upstream to Odemira. Deep sea fishing, scuba diving, horseback riding and mountain biking are just a few examples of what Milfontes has to offer  to the more adventurous. Also recommended is a visit to the mother church and St. Sebastian and St. Anthony of Cela chapels. Equally interesting is a tour of the privileged area of Barbacã, with which is the Forte de São Clemente, Filipin edification of the beginning of XVII century and also known as Castle – today offers accommodation services.




This is one of the oldest parish of the county and perhaps the best known. Founded by royal decree of D. João II in 1486, Vila Nova de Milfontes was town hall, added later to Odemira, by the time of the administrative reforms of the nineteenth century. The village grew along the mouth of the River Mira, developing from fluvial-sea port, and for several centuries even been an outer harbor of Odemira.
The village had for centuries a troubled history, due to the dangers coming from the sea: piracy and privateers. Episode noteworthy was in 1590, when a powerful privateer attack destroyed the village.
Faced with the need for security of the village and navigation, São Clemente fortress was built between 1599 and 1602, the reign of King D. Filipe II.
Vila Nova de Milfontes history is linked to the great achievements of the Portuguese aviation.
The April 7, 1924 , Brito Paes and Sarmento Beires leave from Campo dos Coitos, near by Milfontes, rhumb Orient, thus performing the first aerea crossing between Portugal and Macau.
In tribute to the aviators and their historic achievement, it was erected in Praça da Barbacã, near the fort, a monument that recalls the heroic journey. Note that the Commander Brito Paes was born in town hall, specifically at Colos.




Praia da Franquia e Praia do Farol

They are the main beaches of Vila Nova de Milfontes. They are located in the middle of the mouth of the Mira River, on the north bank of the river.
These beaches are known for low ripple and easy access , captivating both families with children or lovers of water sports.
Surveillance of beaches is responsibilitie of concessionaire.


Praia da Franquia – Provided Services:

  • Public bathhouses (toilets and shower);
  • Parking;
  • Canoe rental;
  • First aid station: assistance provided by lifeguards and in the Red Cross service center.

Praia do Farol – Provided Services:

  • Parking;
  • First aid station: assistance provided by lifeguards and in the Red Cross service center.




Praia do Malhão

It is one of the favorite beaches of the many tourists spending their holidays in Vila Nova de Milfontes. It is located about 5 km north of this village and benefits from a campsite nearby. I tis a guarded beach and it has greta conditions for surfing and bodyboarding
Provided Services:

  • Parking
  • First aid station: assistance provided by lifeguards.



Ermida de São Sebastião – Vila Nova de Milfontes

Former hermitage of popular Mannerist construction which is currently integrated into the perimeter of the village dates back to the mid-century XVI. It is probably built on an old castrense construction of a militar nature.



Forte de São Clemente

Rising in a dominant position over the fishing village, on the right bank of the mouth of the River Mira, had the duty to protect its port
and the incursions of pirates from North of Africa to odmira
The strong, polygonal, approximately quadrangular, was built in the Mannerist style, with the bastion facing the river mouth.
In fortress oldest plants, the angle of this bastion appears rounded, after one works campaign developed around 1693, it was in sharp edge. It had two uneven platforms, with as many batteries, throwing the barbette.
On the land side, the north and east, opens up a paved embankment garnished with gunboats , about 35 meters away.
In eastern section of the wall rips Portão de Armas (weapons gate), in an arched back perfect, surmounted by the weapons stone with shield surmounted by the weapons stone with shield and simplified closed crown beyond a moat, this port is defended by a simple rebound on the wall, forming a flanking angle without bulwarks
This gap was crossed by a drawbridge. The entrance, on the inside , opens into a hallway , where are the Corpo da Guarda and the so-called fuse , a grid that would interrupt the access of intruders inside.
Composed of two floors at the top stood the Command House ( originally covered by a terrace for Musketeers , later replaced by a roof ) and on the bottom, they were at the army barracks and warehouses.
The other facilities, including the chapel, were in the downtown square, next to the embankment.
The fort has been surrounded, north and east, by a flooded moat, bordered on the outside by a counterscarp, covered by a covered road, accessible from the moat by a now defunct stone staircase. The wall that today surrounds the castle moat and form the barbacan sight is what remains of this primitive outer defense.

On the outside , there is the frieze of the arched windows that finishes off the wall of praam low and particularizes the silhouette of the fort seen from the south or the west. It was recently built a replica of a cubelo in the praam high, the north side, hiding a water tank, built contemporaneously to remedy deficiencies in supply.
Inside the praam, also contemporarily, the area habitable was being expanded by the excavation of the embankment and by the link this to the moat through a small door, and as well as by the expansion of the buildings in the praam high.



Mother Church

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Graça (Vila Nova de Milfontes)

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Graça in Vila Nova de Milfontes date of the beginning of the century. XVI. It belonged to the Ordem de Santiago da Espada whose cross is engraved on the main door.
The early church would date possibly of end of century XV, era that dates back to holy water font that still remains inside. Subject of many destructions and reconstructions over time, either by being shaken by earthquakes that occurred in the country in 1531, either later, by to have been destroyed by Moorish pirates, it was being changed over the centuries. The bell tower already dates from end of the century. XIX.

Currently the church retains some of its original traces with emphasis on the facade and the arch of the main altar little affected by the modernization of the last intervention that suffered in 1959. The fluvial procession which takes place on 15 August has Mother Church output where are mantained the saints accompanying the procession: São Sebastião and Nossa Senhora da Graça.


Igreja Nova – Igreja Nossa Senhora Fátima

Vila Nova de Milfontes has a New Church from 26 August 2000. Inaugurated in the Jubilee Year of the birth of Christ. The interior stained glass accurately represents the birth of Jesus Christ. In the frontispiece stands out the logo of the Jubilee Year with the Latin inscription “jubilæum A.D. 2000”.
The church was dedicated to Nossa Senhora de Fátima because on the Diocese of Beja, where is V.N. Milfontes, there was no parish church dedicated to her.




Fishing Port or  Portinho Do Canal

In addition to the old fort, built in 1602, one of Ex-libris de Milfontes is undoubtedly its fishing port, “Portinho Canal.” On arrival, before descending to port can enjoy the belvedere next to the parking and enjoy a wide view of the sea, a full opportunity to color and light. Can also choose the hours of indescribable sunset.
The restoration of the village and generally the entire coast of the county need an enhanced activity in ports and in particular the Channel given that fishing lives of a lot of demand from the region ‘s tourism




António Jacinto da Silva Brito Pais  (Colos, 15/07/1884 – 22/02/1934)

britopaesMilitary and aviator. Born in Colos in 1884 and died in February 1934 as a result of a plane crash. In 1907 he joined the Army School, where he joined in Infantry.
He served in the Hunter Battalion 5 and Niassa Company, from where he returned in 1912 because of illness. He fought with the infantry 15 of the CEP, being awarded the War Cross, Tower and Sword and the French Legion of Honor.
At the end of the Great War was placed in command of the squadron Bombardment and Observation Group of squadrons of Aviation “Republic”. In 1920, along with Sarmento Beires, attempted to air link to Madeira.
In 1924, with Sarmento Beires and Manuel Gouveia, does the first airline trip Portugal-Macau, on the “Motherland” airplane which took off from Vila Nova de Milfontes.

Custódio Brás Pacheco

braspachecoPolitician, journalist and association leader
Born in 1828, in Vila Nova de Milfontes, and died in 1883 in Lisbon;
Worker of the tobacco industry in Lisbon;
In 1878, was a candidate in the elections for the Republican Party
In 1879 he founded and was the main drafter of the newspaper Voz do Operário, which later gave rise to Socieade Voz do Operário (now Sociedade de Instrução e Beneficência “A Voz do Operário”);
He founded or collaborated with the following associations:
– Centro Promotor de Melhoria das classes trabalhadoras ;
– Trabalhadores Associação Fraternidade;


António Mantas

He lived between 1875 and 1939. It was Republican Rep. Did of Vila Nova de Milfontes his adoptive land, and died here in 1939. He married Aurora Prado, the daughter of an owner and industrial from Odemira, having inherited a house at Milfontes, where he lived. For more than a decade fought, mainly in the newspapers, by the interests of Milfontes, in particular by improving the navigability of the bar and the river, where the ships at the time, leaked much of the produce.




Associação Cultural, Desportiva, e Recreativa das Brunheiras

ACDRBrunheirasAssociação Cultural, Desportiva, e Recreativa das BrunheirasThe Cultural
Associação Cultural, Desportiva, e Recreativa das Brunheiras is a non-profit association which was established in March 8, 1986, fruit of the will of a group of area residents. A long road has been traveled, many people have passed by the direction of this association, lived up ups and downs -but always got the spirit of solidarity and association for culture, sport, and community animation.
Today the number of board members is lower but the activities remain with the same will of the community and the fundamental help of the Municipality of Odemira and the Board of Parish of Vila Nova de Milfontes. It should be noted that it is especially important the partnership made with the Taipa (Projecto Simetrias) which greatly helped to streamline this association and the surrounding community.
At this time ensures the existence of an Office of Support to Community (which includes use of computers, Net space, general forwarding, costume exchanges, etc.), Theatre Group (the pinged cats), Federated Group of Petanque, Hiking weekly, workshops weekly handicrafts, monthly dances, support the markets (bar service), Festivities as April 25 and Christmas, and even support to newly created Neighborhood Association of Brunheiras, Galeado, Foros da Pereira, Pereirinha and Aldeia Bogaga.

pin56   Brunheiras, 7645-023 Vila Nova de Milfontes

call60(1)   283 998 112


Associação Foz do Mira

AFMThe Associação Foz do Mira was founded in 2003 by a group of bodyboarders, surfers, kitesurfers and some local people.
This association has as main objective the preservation of the environment, promotion of surfing, kitesurfing and bodyboarding with the younger generation. Today the association has 70 members who participate in the annual activities.
In the annual business plan includes the beach cleaning, organize championships surfing and bodyboarding, meetings, parties, training and Milfontes surf school serving young people in the county throughout the year.

pin56   Rua António Mantas, 267645-303 Vila Nova de Milfontes

call60(1)   914 732 652 | 969 483 334


Casa do povo

Associação da Casa do Povo de Milfontes is a non-profit association that develops some activities such as:

  • Fishing competition;
  • Maintenance Gymnastics;
  • Hip-Hop;
  • Folkloric.

However also offers its facilities to Grupo Coral de Milfontes.

pin56   Rua da Casa do Povo, 7645-243 Vila Nova de Milfontes

call60(1)   283 997 142


Clube Desportivo Praia de Milfontes

clubepraiaThe Sports Club was founded on 15 July 1977. It has its own headquarters with:

  • Playroom;
  • Office of the Directorate;;
  • Snack-Bar;
  • Party room.

The Sports Club has a body of 4 coaches, 1 masseur, 1 doctor and 1 wardrobe.

pin56   Rua D. Luís Castro e Almeida, 7645-276 Vila Nova de Milfontes

call60(1)   283 997 128


CNLA – Clube Náutico do Litoral Alentejano

CNLAThe CNLA – Nautical Club Coastal Alentejano was founded on the May 7, 2014, is formed by a group of people who aspire to the development of Canoeing modality in the Alentejo Coast region.

This group of people has considered it appropriate the appearance of an organized structure, in collaboration with the various local authorities and the region, to make available to the entire population, the necessary and appropriate conditions for the development of the practice of sport in all its aspects.
It intends to develop in young people through sport and recreational practice an healthy growth, social cohesion and responsible citizenship claim, through socialization, interaction and team spirit, taking advantage of the natural resources available in the region.
In its first year of competition, the CNLA finished the 2015 season in a great place – 22 of the ranking of the National Clubs,in a total of 72 clubs.
At this time, it has more than a hundred members and about 50 federated athletes, from 7 to 45 years.

call60(1)  +351 965 305 665 | Diogo Esteves


Clube Náutico de Milfontes


Nautical Milfontes club originated in 1989 from a group of friends who liked boating and joined to paddle. In 1990 it was founded as Clube Náutico “O Colégio” in view of its connection to the College of Nossa Senhora da Graça, which functioned as extra-curricular activity and as part of the Sport for All and where the facilities were located. Only later, in 1996, after having physically separate from the College, he began to be called Club Nautico Milfontes.

For this club spent hundreds of athletes there were formed, both as athletes and as citizens, with currently over seven dozens of practitioners in assets. It is a sports club that promotes boating activity in its various aspects and that is, for members and athletes a competitive sport and leisure space, but also as a space for integration and personal fulfillment, also relying on the integration disabled athletes in their layers.

Club Nautico Milfontes takes an increasingly prominent role at regional and national level sports with frequent, year after year, count on several regional champions, national champions and athletes representatives of the National Team, where he included a pre-selected athlete for London 2012 Olympics.

In the last sports season, in 2015, it was ranked in 8th position in the National Ranking, out of 65 clubs that participated in the various events that make up the National Championship. This brilliant position reflects the consolidation of the excellent work that has been done over the years in favor of the sport, of people and of Odemira and the parish of Vila Nova de Milfontes.

pin56 Quinta do Velho, lote 1-B, 7645-304 Vila Nova de Milfontes

call60(1) +351 283 998 406 | Francisco Aires
fax5 +351 283 998 406


Grupo Coral de Milfontes

GrupoCoralFounded on December 13, 1986 by fishermen, shepherds, farmers, civil and retired employees, the choir began with an initial training of about 25 elements, all of the Baixo Alentejo.
The first headquarters was on the Parish Council premises. Currently the group has its own space on Casa do Povo, where which take place weekly (on Friday nights) group meetings to rehearse the fashions and to take all decisions concerning the activity.

pin56   Casa do Povo, 7645-243 Vila Nova de Milfontes

call60(1)   283 996 327
smartphone66   926 669 132 | 960 326 766 (António Loução)


Motor Clube de Milfontes

The Association Milfontes Motor Club is a non-profit association that develops some activities such as:

  • Off-Road Tours;
  • Moto tourism Tours;
  • Meeting Motard Annual;
  • Other activities related to the theme “Engine”.

pin56   Urbanização dos Alagoachos, Lote 72, 7645-012 Vila Nova de Milfontes

smartphone66   918 090 724 | 918 092 519


Associação de Pais do Agrupamento de Escolas do Ensino Básico e Jardins-de-Infância de Vila Nova de Milfontes e São Luís

pin56   Rua Artur Horta, 7645-224 Vila Nova de Milfontes



Associação de Reformados e Idosos de Vila Nova de Milfontes



pin56   Rua da Casa Povo, 7645-243 Vila Nova de Milfontes

call60(1)   283 997 170